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Kiwi Hunks Galore!!!

This list of links leads you to a number of New Zealand's Finest...literally! Each actor here may not get much attention elsewhere on the net, but those of us who are die hard Xenites find them quite attractive! Get to know them all a little better by visiting these fabulous pages! Warning: Most of these pages contain images, and drooling may be excessive! Happy Drooling!

Jeremy Callaghan and Dean O'Gorman... as Iolaus

Links to the Finest Down Under

Kevin Smith Online!!!: A list of all the links to pages featuring my favorite Kiwi Hunk!!!
Dean O'Gorman: Young Iolaus from Young Hercules, the movie, the series, and the occasional episodes of H:TLJ.....One of at least three reasons to watch *that* series <G>
Dean O'Gorman: KimD's dedication to Dean O'Gorman. Does Kim have a good eye for hunky men or what?! <G>
Mindy's Dean O'Gorman Page: A fan page featuring Young Iolaus in the flesh -- Dean O'Gorman!
Dean O'Gorman by VickiB: VickiB's site for Dean...lots of info.
Dean O'Gorman: Fan site dedicated to Young Iolaus himself, New Zealand's Dean O'Gorman.
The Unofficial Dean O'Gorman Site: Another great site dedicated to this Kiwi Cutie...:)
Dean O'Gorman: Fantastic new site for Dean, and yet more proof that we should all move to NZ!!!
Dean O'Gorman Webring List: List of all the Dean sites in the Webring.
Dean O'Gorman by TheRose: A new site with pictures and screen captures dedicated to sweet 'n' sexy Dean O'Gorman!
A Bit of Dean O'Gorman: A new site dedicated to the dazzling Kurly Kiwi by ladies! Check it out!
Kieren Hutchison: Hunky Kieren has been seen in three episodes of Young Hercules as Orpheus and in Xena as Talus...yet another reason to watch Young Hercules!!!
KimD's Kieren Hutchison Page: KimD's dedication to studly Kieren, with images galore from both of his roles!!!
Rupert Cocks: Hunky Kiwi that portrayed Balder the Brave in Hercules...
Charles Mesure: Talented and gorgeous Kiwi...Redeemed Gladiator...Xena Hunk...
Charles Mesure: KimD's picked yet another Kiwi Hunk to dedicate a site to -- Charles Mesure!!! Check it out!!!
The Karl Urban Page: He's Cupid, Caesar, and Mael...and oh so much more!!!
Karl Urban: Hunky Cupid, Evil Mael, Sexy Caesar...oh, and he's a great actor, too!
The Urbanite Shrine: Great page featuring Karl Urban and all of his characters!
Caesar's Palace: Another great Karl Urban page with info and pics.
Psamanthe's Karl Urban Page: A great place to go for all the info and pics of Karl Urban as both Caesar and Cupid! Lots of eye-candy, ladies....
Erik Thomson: Talented actor from Down Under...sometimes seen in Herk and Xena as Hades, god of the underworld (Kill me now!)...
Eirk Thomson Central: The First, and as far as I know the only site dedicated to the gorgeous Kiwi actor that portrays Hades on both Herk and Xena.
Erik Thomson: KimD's Erik Thomson page -- lots of screen captures with more to come. Check back often...Yum!
Surabufix's Marton Csokas Page!: Sura's great site dedicated to intense, energetic actor Marton Csokas!
Jeremy Callaghan: Talented and attractive actor from Down Under...Xena's (oh-so-easy-on-the) eyes in Blind Faith...
Jeremy Callaghan: KimD's ode to hottie Jeremy Callaghan...woohoo, way to go Kim!!!
The Unofficial Jeremy Callaghan Site: Great site with images, bio, information, filmography, and more!
Jay Laga'aia: Talented and attractive Kiwi...Xena guest star...temporary warlord...
Jay Laga'aia: KimD's salute to another gorgeous Kiwi...
Joel Tobeck: Talented, award winning Kiwi...Ares' sidekick...Herk Guest Star....home of the Joel Tobeck International Fan Club!
Totally Tobeck: Vixen's fan tribute to talented Joel Tobeck...
Joel Tobeck: Another addition to KimD's pantheon of lovely actors...
Julian Garner: The "apple" of Aphrodite's eye, Hephaestus, god of the forge/fire....<wink>
Stuart Turner: From Chariots of War...KimD can really pick them!!!
Jeffery Thomas: The "elder" Jason...once again, by KimD!
Warren Carl: Evil Paris from Xena's Greeks Bearing Gifts...and a lot more...
Kiwi and Aussie Lounge: *THE* place to go to visit all of the best from Down Under...very worth the trip!!!
The Hercules Ultimate Guide Table of Contents: This fabulous site has just about everything! Including a couple sections dedicated to the Kiwi actors from the show, and to New Zealand in general!

Darnell and Pompey.

Charles Mesure as Darnell, Jeremy as Pompey, and Karl Urban in Cherry Hill photos courtesy of KimD; are copyrighted by her and used with permission. Pictures of Karl Urban at WarriorCon and Jeremy Callaghan are copyrighted by Lori Joyce and used with permission. Picture of Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus is copyrighted by me.
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